Monday 9 May 2022

My Work: Cold Night

Hi All

Just a little post that continues my borderline fascination with writing about weather, but I decided to add a character.

Rain fell heavily, as the heavens seemed to fall upon the large open field. Each raindrop making unique sounds as it descends from the angry clouds. The wind was sweeping the ground so it fell at an angle. It seemed like it was aiming at the lone man who walked the grassland.

The bitter cold was biting at the weather beaten man, his socked clothing clinging to him, his blond hair hidden under some kind of hat. Bane threw an angry glance to the sky. His hate for the thing called fate bubbling to his eyes. His eyes showed the normal fiery determination, but with a hint of his hate.

Bane was cold, hungry and would do anything for a bit of shelter. It was Banes unlucky day. He was forced to run from the village he had been hiding out in when a group of bounty hunters had shown up. An hour out the weather turned against Bane. And here he was. The only thing Bane was slightly pleased about was the rain would hide his tracks from weak trackers. At least putting him two hours ahead of them, unless someone slowed him down.

The colds bite was getting the better of Bane. It was a mild discomfort and he could dismiss it, but that didn't stop the annoyance that bounty hunters had put him into this cold.

Bane drew his short sword in and swung it in front of him. Trying to vent out some of the frustration that was eating him up. A flurry of blows he released into the air. His grip on the hilt was tighter than usual. It seemed the wet hands and hilt would make fighting difficult. Though Bane didn't care, he enjoyed a challenge. Though he doubted he would have found any in the group of hunters that he was now playing pray for.

Bane stood in the middle of the grassland, with no shelter from the angry sky. But strangely a smile crept across his face. And he muttered into the sky.

“Provide a Challenge for me and I will forgive you.” This statement was more to the thing Bane called fate, though he didn't believe so strongly in god, he did believe that fate was the controlling power.


Well that's it for now, hope you enjoyed it.

Good writing is like a windowpane.- George Orwell